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As an acoustical engineer by trade, one of my acoustic consultancy’s specialisations is to monitor, assess and advise on wind farm noise levels. And this is where the story begins. We were told by a partner that experienced technicians could detect faults just by listening to the changes in sound generated by

单晶硅棒和多晶硅块的等级判定(以下简称“判定”)一直是光伏产业上游供应商最关心的问题之一。由于两种材料的生产工艺不同,它们的判定方法也有差别。 1.单晶硅棒的判定方法 对于单晶硅棒来说,业内的传统判定方法涉及多个步骤:先从硅棒头尾部切下厚晶圆,经热氧和化学腐蚀等处理步骤后,由操作员观察厚晶圆上是否有滑移线。如果有,还需继续向内切片;如果没有,也需要根据经验判断还需切除多少来让剩余部分不含任何黑边、黑环和黑心。这些都直接影响材料的最终电池效率。但是,这个方法检查一片厚晶圆不仅非常耗时,还很依赖操作员的个人经验。 为了缩短判断时间,部分生产商转而使用红外设备来纵向扫描整根硅棒,检测滑移线的位置。每根硅棒最快只需5分钟即可确定含有滑移线的部分。接下来,操作员可根据结果来切除硅棒的废料部分。但是,红外设备无法检测黑边、黑环和黑心等缺陷,因此操作员仍需根据经验向内切割。随之而来的问题是,切多少可以确保完全去除废料,并且不浪费优质部分呢? 近年来快速兴起的光致发光(PL)成像技术给这个问题带来了及时的解决方案。PL是材料吸收光子后的光辐射。 在光伏硅基材料上应用这个原理,带来了PL成像检测技术:使用模拟太阳光照射硅片或电池片,并用专用的PL镜头来获得样本的PL成像。

In the search for alternative ways to make foundation installations quieter, faster and easier, the offshore vibro driving technology has developed in leaps and bounds over the past 20 years. The ever-increasing demand for reducing the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) and protecting the underwater wildlife, has triggered out of the box

There is a green revolution in ship technology going on these days. We are currently witnessing a wave of zero emission propulsion ideas entering the market like battery powered car ferries for short routes, power shaving batteries onboard offshore hybrid service vessels and cruise liners that can enter protected fjords purely on

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