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PES had a great exchange with Tynan Coles, CEO at Soltaro. Did you know there are now smart batteries? It seems that we are in a period where software can be added to anything to improve performance. We heard today about the built in possibilities, which allow the user to control the

As the world begins to open up again after the devastation of COVID-19, Cargostore Worldwide talks to PES Wind about how they have managed to stay profitable during the pandemic. We explore the company’s timeline of growth over the last three years which has led to their current position in the offshore

All over the world, people are asking two questions: How will COVID-19 have a continued effect, and what will the next American President do? The pandemic has caused manufacturing plant closures resulting in predictable havoc, but we have also seen COVID-19 disrupt supply chains that were once rock-solid, in ways nobody could

One of the most pressing issues when it comes to making wind energy fit for the future is the aspect of acceptance: acceptance among the broader public, but especially among those directly affected by it, the residents and the environment. Transponder-based aircraft detection lighting systems (ADLS) offer a sustainable solution putting non-stop

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