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Over the last years, some new sensors have been developed, for monitoring photovoltaic plants. This has been possible due to close co-operation, in research and development, between Ingenieurbüro Mencke & Tegtmeyer GmbH (M&T) and Institut für Solarenergieforschung Hameln/ Emmerthal (ISFH). The new PVIS reference irradiance sensor will be available later this year,

PES dropped in on Tony Etnyre, the CEO at FTC Solar, Inc, a new company, with a very experienced, committed team. Their latest PV tracking system, Voyager, is easy to install, cost effective and suitable to use on the most challenging sites. Their close collaboration with their customers is of paramount importance

Wind industry business models are shifting their focus. They used to be mainly driven by financial aspects of the business plan and the debt used to finance it, while technical operations, often subcontracted, came in second place. The priority of the wind industry was to ensure robust turbines with a high degree

Barry Nisill, Vice President and Alexander Murillo, Technical Service Engineer, both at Belzona, made time to speak with PES about the part this well-established company, plays in repairs in the wind industry, both onshore and offshore. They welcome any regulations and use them as a minimum benchmark, which they exceed, in the

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